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Previously in the gallery


Frits van Achten 

Frits is an artist from Eindhoven who knows how to transform paper maché into life-size organic sculptures that take you to other worlds and cultures. His visual language is that of Baroque brut (unsophisticated art); raw honest and uncompromising creations that you certainly haven't seen before

Sarah Bourlard

Sarah is an artist from Waterloo who creates amazing wooden sculptures using only a chainsaw. Here, the brutal saw cuts and surprisingly refined anatomy provide a fascinating contrast.


Sophie Giet

Sophie is an artist from liège who creates sculptures and functional art. Her ceramic characters contain a healthy dose of humor and quirkiness. The various ornaments, texts and graphic finishings that she decorates her sculptures with often carry a double degree of reading. 

Taco Sipma

Taco is a Dutch artist with an amazingly original handwriting. His works are rooted in the tradition of folk/outsider art and lean heavily on symbolism, popular culture, religion and delusion. His technique is raw and leans heavily on improvisation. Taco's complexly layered paintings are narrative but remain open to interpretation.


Raphaël De Bois

Raphaël  is an artist from the Antwerp area. For many years, he has been creating cheerful portraits with the aim of putting a smile on your face. His unique characters fill the space with positive energy and you spontaneously become cheerful when you come face to face with them. 

Come and greet them for yourself in the gallery now!

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