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Currently in the gallery


Sander de Klerk

artist / owner

Sander creates paper collages with

silk paper as the main ingredient.

This material lends itself perfectly to building a complex layering, The accumulation of layers hereby creates tactile images full of details and interesting colour shades.

An ever changing selection of his artworks  are a integral part of the gallery presentation

Click here for an

impression of his work

Marc De Corte 

permanent in the gallery

We are proud to reserve a permanent space for a large number of bronze sculptures by renowned Belgian artist Marc De Corte. What makes his sculptures unique is the movement they exude. Marc likes to be inspired by modern dance, but there is also a very strong Art Nouveau influence. The results are graceful sculptures with balance as the main theme.


Charly Vanzwijgenhoven

Charly is a local artist from Sint-Truiden, He is known in the region for his artworks that he creates using recycled materials. Old rulers, antique receipts and empty snail shells from a local nursery are collected and transformed into interesting decorative works of art in which you can discover something new every time.  

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